We Believe:  

In fairness-we are consumers as well and put ourselves in our clients shoes and ask how we would like to be treated. 

In independence-we are only here for you our client and your success is our success.

In results not company names-results are all that matter, not how well known a firm name is nor how old they are or even assets under management (as respectable as ours may be).

In screening every assets class: stocks, bonds, commodities, natural resources, precious metals, currencies, managed futures, real estate etc. All have to compete for our investment dollars against each other.

We can't control or predict the markets-all we can do is position assets and choose methods that strive to minimize risk and help you achieve your goals

In low cost, high value-we know you have many choices and we know our competitors well. We strive to offer high value and lower costs to make us an easy choice as the preferred provider.

In expecting more-if you think buy and hold, Modern Portfolio Theory (which came out in 1952..) and other traditional approaches are in your best interest and the best way to invest we believe we can show you something that has more potential.

We think simplicity has value and take pride in simplifying numerous clients' lives.

We believe in your privacy and our clients feel assured with the confidentiality with which we operate.

In second opinions-managing your life savings is important and like surgery, we highly suggest you seek a second opinion as you would for a major medical procedure. At a minimum, you will come out more educated.

 Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. There is no guarantee that active asset management will outperform a buy and hold approach to investing. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Beliefs form the foundations for one's actions. If you believe some of these as well, please inquire for more information as to how we may offer you a fresh approach.

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